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End of this week March 31 we lost the Great Timi Yuro and precious Selena,
I Love them both for different reasons..
Timi is Numero Uno! Period, our Rosemary was a powerhouse, aka Timi,
Selena I do believe would have been the next Madonna! Hispanic version
RIP precious Angel Ill never forget you , your music lives on.

If You make a Promise do
you keep it?
If you give your word how should it be valued?, At what market value, Solid Gold? Every time I was given a chance someone else had to borrow against their experience, and I had to pay the debt from the damage they endured .
Anytime two come together in Trust one may always lose and get deeper in debt, however the risk can out weigh the fear with the possibilty of loyalty
Make your word matter.
When Loyalty is as Rare as Fine Emeralds, we should treasure its rareness in a world of green glass everywhere.

Beware of Darkness
Those things that Fool you
Manipulation , Maya,

And a Big Thank YOU HotHead DD for carrying me , you shall always be Loved by ME! For REALS
and Riny a Sunflower my lil Rock
a True Brilliant Diamond in the Darkest Lonely Night,
You Do Not Fade No Diamond Does!
Nor does Real Gold the color of your Heart.
And Esperanza Mijn Loco Latina
haha weve sure had some great laughs! Youre a True Blue Vriend!
and You Say it Like it IS!
my Respect is Hard to get, but youve Got it in Your Back Pocket for keeps so never forget! Mucho Amor PitXX
Vera my loyal little Rocker Woman
wherever you go, a smile I Send to follow you.
Now Jelly Bean>>Jelly Bean
I could Party with you LOL, youre alot of F/U/N..youre like a Beach Ball Being Held under water..you cannot be held down for long..youre a real Pistol and I DO THANK YOU California Woman all the waaaay!
Youre a Winner for many reasons many.xx
and 2 all the rest all my best for sure..
and to the negative and cowardly,
my regrets dont last, for it never helps to live in the past..it was only kindness or compassion I requested but in your case way too much to ask I know..I do know.
be brave little ones.be brave and keep on trying.

Its That Kid From Detroit ,
Who Would Take on Rose Royce,
Madonna Would.
Who Would Do That, Invite Asian Dancers
Madonna Did.
Who Would Work all Day and Night
Just to Get it Right
Madonna Would
Who Would Stop a Concert and Silence Thousands to Make her Point for Equality in a Land of Ignorance and Brutality
Madonna Would ..
She Never Got a Degree and Her Teeth arent Exactly Straight
and Shes Not Either
Shes Got Her Own Ideas
Tolerate Isnt Something in her Vocabulary to Discriminate ,
Who ALways Comes Thru,
Madonna Does
Shes Made of Steel That Kid From Detroit,

What One Can Do and What One Wants to Do..
At Some Point What You Want to Do Is What You Can Do..
Controlling What You Want is Controlling What You Do..
So Controlling What You Want is Thus Controlling What You Can Do..

You Can Yes You Can,,,
and Weither You Think You Can Or Think You Cant, Either Way You Are Completely Right

O/ O
/> <\

To Be Loved by Someone Can Lift You High
as Only a Summer Breeze Can Carry a Bird Across the Sacred Junes Night Sky,
To Love Someone is a Beautiful Feeling Surrounding You
Like a Gentle Warm Wind it Whispers Her Name as it Dances Thru Your Hair,
But Only When Youve Seen the Love In The Eyes of the One You Love
Have You Tasted Heavens Air,

"Cowardice" indicates a failure of character in the face of a challenge.Cowardice is a trait wherein fear and excess self-concern override doing or saying what is right,
lack of bravery.
Translations, word origin, and more definitions
Cowardice | Define Cowardice at Dictionary.com
c.1300, from Old French coardise (13c.), from coard, coart (see coward) + noun suffix -ise. Cowardice, as distinguished from panic, is almost always simply a lack of ability to suspend the functioning of the imagination. [
Cowardice - Wikipedia
it is the opposite of courage. As a label, "cowardice" indicates a failure of character in the face of a challenge.

Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers. Aristotle

I Have No Way of Knowing What Youve Endured, nor You I,
The Older I Get the More I Realize were in a very Synthetic Reality
A Manufactured one at that.
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