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Hey there am cary, and i guess welcome to my profile or whatever.

there is really nothing interesting about me, i like to play video games and watch movies most my favorite movies are horror,comedy,action, suspense. i also bash on a few thing but it varies to what is worth bashing and what is not.

i also kinda ethical hack, and no it does not mean i hack channel or any of that silly crap. i just like to find special items in video games or secrete passage ways and so forth.

what i am going to do on this channel, put up stuff you know this and that.

What my religion is, anything that is not yours. and do i believe in a god? yes not your god.

fequently asked questions:

1: Are you a boy or a girl?
A: why would it get me more subs?

2:Are you a hacker?
A: read the top again.

3:Do you make bot accounts?
A: No and if i did why would i tell you?

4:Are you going to post videos?
A: yes

5: Are you a troll?
A: no real troll would answer that question outta the obvious.

6:What is your name?
A:it is what it is on the top part of my about me.

7:Could you teach me to hack?
A: No and why would you ask someone that only ethical hacks?

8:Do you have a life?
A: yes i am not online twenty four seven, i am only here when i am here.

9:Are you a noob?
A: Obviously not since of course you might block me or not respond to many of my questions.

10:Why do you have a channel if your wasting your time bothering people?
A: Why do you, when you waste your time getting subs from people who you never plan on talking to nor actually give a damn about.

11: Do you block or hide your channel?
A: nope, i really do not care about my internet reputation to be afraid of anyone..period.

12: Do i know you?
A: obviously not since we have not met in the real world.

Rules to my channel:

1: I do not mind subbing anyone, but please don’t ask me to watch your videos when you don’t plan to watch any of mine.

2:Do not ask me for a skype nor a facebook invites unless you plan on becoming really good friend with me mmmkay.

3: Do not try and curse me out or anything in another languages because there is always google translate and i will be able to do the same in your language.

4:I upload whatever i want, and i do not take request.

5:I do not give shotouts to anyone, if you want subs..earn it.

6:Do not call me any of the following: Furry,Emo,Weeaboo. because i am not that is only your opinion and opinions are like farts.

7: I do not give out personal information due to the fact there are psychos in this world...so do not ask.

8: Box 4 box is only for true friends so do not ask me


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