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the rolling stones - tell me (long version) - enhanced sound

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Added: 3 years ago
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Edit for headphones. The Rolling Stones on US tv in the Mike Douglas Show - june 25, 1964. In this show they lip synched the short version of their song "Tell me". I edited the video for the long version of the song - with the guitar solo part - and also tried to make the song sound better.
An ingenius edit is of this song is made by "Monotostereoking": a must see & listen! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIRqRZPb-9M
He used various parts of the song on different places to create a stereo effect. A masterpiece for sure!

The first original Jagger/Richards song to be released by the Stones.
It was recorded on February 3, 1964 and released on the first UK studio album, "THE ROLLING STONES", release date: April 17, 1964. Released in the US on "England’s Newest Hit Makers" May 29, 1964.

Lead electric guitar & tambourine: Brian Jones. Backing vocals: Brian Jones, Keith Richards & Bill Wyman. Lead vocals: Mick Jagger. Acoustic
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