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the rolling stones - 2120 south michigan avenue - stereo edit 2 - louder

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Added: 3 years ago
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Edit for headphones. Another edit, again to create a ’different’ song, less channel seperation, more Charlie (on both channels, not just at the left), more Brian, more Keith. This song must be played LOUD. I mean LOUD. So that’s why I also made this one. Louder.

Recorded on June 10 & 11, 1964. Released on the second UK EP "Five by five" (five songs by five guys), August 14, 1964, and on the second US album "12 x 5" (yes, right guess, twelve songs by five guys)(though the Stones really were six guys), October 24, 1964. Also released on "No stone unturned", October 1973.


Harp: Brian Jones. Bass: Bill Wyman. Drums: Charlie Watts. Guitar: Keith Richards. Organ: Ian Stewart. Percussion: Mick Jagger.

2120 South Michigan Avenue is the address of the Chess recording studios in Chicago where the song was recorded, together with the other four songs of the EP.

Bill Wyman said that the c
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