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the rolling stones - who’s been sleeping here - stereo edit 4

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Added: 2 years ago
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Edit for headphones. Edit of a 44bit-88.1kHz 83 MB file of the ABKCO dsd remaster. Drums and tambourine on both channels, bass less domineering and some more centered. Lovely, atmospheric song. Sounds best on vinyl! I also gave Keith’s VERY pleasant guitar more body. As usual, for a great deal, Brian is making this song so special, with his high harmonica sound...

Recorded August 3-11, 1966, released on the album "Between the Buttons" *** in Januari and February of 1967. By Decca records and by London records. Those were the days...

Piano & harmonica: Brian Jones. Vocal: Mick Jagger. Acoustic & electric guitars: Keith Richards. Drums: Charlie Watts. Bass: Bill Wyman.


What you say girl, you see what is wrong
You, must be joking, you was led alone
But the butler the baker, the laughing cavalier
Will tell me now, who’s been sleeping here

I want to know

Tell me baby, who’s been
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