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the rolling stones - back street girl - stereo edit 3

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Added: 2 years ago
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Edit for headphones to create a home stereo equipment effect. From the UK album "Between The Buttons" (January 20, 1967) and the US album "Flowers" (July 15, 1967).

Harpsichord and vibraphone (or marimba / xylophone / celeste / glockenspiel * ): Brian Jones. Accordion: Nick de Caro. Acoustic guitar: Keith Richards. Bass: Bill Wyman. Percussion: Charlie Watts. Vocal: Mick Jagger.


I don’t want you to be high
I don’t want you to be down
Don’t want to tell you no lie
Just want you to be around

Please come right up to my ears
You will be able to hear what I say

Don’t want you out in my world
Just you be my backstreet girl

Please don’t be part of my life
Please keep yourself to yourself
Please don’t you bother my wife
That way you won’t get no help

Don’t try to ride on my horse
You’re rather common and coarse anyway

Don’t want you out in my
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