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tthe rolling stones - travellin’ man - stereo edit

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Edit for headphones. Drums spread widely, heavier sound, far far too much bass and a far too long guitar solo... and that’s just how
I LIKE IT ! ! !
This is a mix of the one on the bootleg cd "The Trident Mixes" (cold start version) and the one on the bootleg cd "The Genuine Black Box" (cd 5), which has a fade in, but a better bass than the Trident version.
Recorded at Olympic studios in London, in October of 1970.
The song was never released.
Lead guitar & solo guitar: Mick Taylor. Vocal: Mick Jagger. Keyboards: Nicky Hopkins. Drums: Charlie Watts. Bass: Bill Wyman. Catering: Keith Richards.

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Yeah yeah
I heard the crunch of the gravel
Yeah he got to be a hobo man
And I’m walkin do
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