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the doobie brothers - listen to the music - multitrack display

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Added: 1 year ago
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This is a multitrack version of the song. This way you can hear so much more, especially the banjo part is delicious! Also this version has a cold end (= no fade out) with a flanging effect! I think I know why the song wasn’t released in full version: there’s a sort of gone wrong drum "solo" from 3:43.5 to 3:45, a bit messy sound. The official release ended exactly before that point. The cold end is fabulous. Really should have been released in full version.

Sorry for intervening the song by playing around with the tracks, it is just to show the song’s ingenious layers.

It was written and sung by guitarist and vocalist Tom Johnston. Patrick Simmons, the second guitarist and vocalist in the group, sings the bridge of the song (the part that has the flanging effect).

(Tom Johnston)

Oh, listen to the music
Oh, listen to the music
Oh, listen to the music
All the time

Don’t you feel it growin, day by day
People gettin
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