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the kinks - dead end street - enhanced sound

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Edit for headphones. Released November 18 1966. A #4 hit in Holland, #4 in New Zealand, #5 in the UK, #5 Germany, #28 Canada, #73 in the US.
A song about the hopelessness of the unemployed British lower class and about the difficulty of getting away from its desperate situation.
Source file is from the album "The Kinks Remastered" (1995 Castle cd # 268).

(Ray Davies)

There’s a crack up in the ceiling,
And the kitchen sink is leaking.
Out of work and got no money,
A Sunday joint of bread and honey.

What are we living for?
Two-roomed apartment on the second floor.
No money coming in,
The rent collector’s knocking, trying to get in.

We are strictly second class,
We don’t understand,
(Dead end!)
Why we should be on dead end street.
(Dead end!)
People are living on dead end street.
(Dead end!)
Gonna die on dead end street.

Dead end street (yeah)
Dead end street (yeah)

On a cold and frosty morning,
Wipe my eyes
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