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the kinks - till the end of the day - enhanced sound

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Edit for headphones. Source file is from the album "The Kink Kontroversy" (2000 20Bit remaster Japan). The November 1965/March 1966 single was a UK # 8, US # 50, Holland # 6 hit.

The Kinks were on the rise, with a run of hits starting with "You Really Got Me" in 1964. The band couldn’t enjoy it, however, because they were pressured into a rigorous cycle of touring, recording and promotion that put enormous strain on the group.

(This has happened to so many groups, one of them is The Rolling Stones, an experience that eventually killed Brian Jones, founder of the group.)

Davies was married and hardly able to enjoy the benefits of his stardom; in May, 1965 he had his first child, a daughter named Louisa. With the strains of fatherhood now upon him as well, he sunk into a depression, but was still expected to write some hits. After a few days off, he came back to work determined to make everyone think he was A-OK, so he wrote this chipper song, which he
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