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Q’65 - ann - stereo edit

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Added: 11 months ago
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Q’65 is a Dutch sixties garage band, in 1966 this song reached # 19 in the Dutch top 40, and 39 years later it reached the Dutch top 2000 and remained there up to now. In the Dutch evergreen top 1000 it was # 51 in 2014. And I think I know why: it is just a lovely song. It is not rock & roll, it is not "Nether"beat, it’s just plain lovely. The bands name by some is said to be a combination of two Rolling Stones songs: (Susy) Q + (Route) ’66, renamed in a ’better’ sounding ’65 (the year the band was founded). The song is from the 1988 cd reissue (with six bonus song, among which is "Ann") of the 1966 album "Revolution". The band is from the Dutch city The Hague, the place war criminals try to avoid...


Ann, I will love you
When I know that I can
Ann, I will love you
When you know what I am

You think that you love me
But you don’t know me yet
Perhaps I’m not what
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