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the rolling stones - bye bye johnny - enhanced sound

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From the first UK EP "The Rolling Stones", Januari 10, 1964.
Recorded November 14, 15, 1963. Released in the US on the LP "More Hot Rocks", Dec 1, 1972. That’s almost nine years later... Also on the UK album "Rock ’n’ Rolling Stones", October 1972.

Backing vocal: Brian Jones. Guitars: Brian Jones, Keith Richards (lead). Lead vocal: Mick Jagger. Bass: Bill Wyman. Piano: Ian Stewart. Drums: Charlie Watts.

Bye Bye Johnny
(Chuck Berry - 1958) *

Well she drew out all her money out from southern trust
And put a little boy aboard a greyhound bus
Leaving Lousiana for the golden west
Down came her tears from her happiness
Her own little son named Johnny B Goode
Was gonna make some motion pictures out in Hollywood

Bye bye bye bye
Bye bye bye bye
Bye bye Johnny bye bye Johnny B. Goode

Well she remember taking money out from gathering crops
And buying Johnny’s guitar at a broker shop
As long as he could play it by
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