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the kinks - you really got me - enhanced sound

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edit for headphones. from the 1964 album "kinks" (2011 deluxe remaster) (cd 2). the guitar riff and the stunning solo were played by Dave Davies. His brother Ray was the singer and main songwriter of the band. released on August 4 1964 (their third single) it was a # 1 hit in the UK for two weeks. in the US it reached # 7. in (shame on) holland it reached # 23.

Dave Davies got the dirty guitar sound by slashing the speaker cone on his amp with a razor blade. The vibration of the fabric produced an effect known as "fuzz," which became common as various electronic devices were invented to distort the sound. At the time, none of these devices existed, so Davies would mistreat his amp to get the desired sound, often kicking it. The amp was a cheap unit called an Elpico.

The song was recorded on September 26, 1964 with Ray Davies on lead vocals, Dave Davies on guitar and Pete Quaife on bass.

The Kinks didn’t have a drummer when they first recorded the song
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