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the hollies - I’m alive - stereo edit - extended

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Added: 11 months ago
Runtime: 03:40
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Edit for headphones. I changed the stereo layout, and gave the song an extra.
Recorded on May 5, 1965. The Hollies first no 1 hit in the UK. It was written for them by the US songwriter Clint Ballard
Video is lip sync, 1965, Shindig. The song appears on the US version of the 1965 Hollies album, Hear! Here!.
This is an edit from the one on the various artists 8 cd album "Wow, That Was The Sixties".
Wow, that was the sixties, state of the art dancers dresses, by the way...
I like the guitar solo, you already guessed so, I quess...

(Clint Ballard)

Did you ever see a man with no heart
Baby, that was me
Just a lonely, lonely man with no heart
’Til you set me free

Now I can breathe
I can see
I can touch
I can feel

I can taste all the sugar sweetness in your kiss
You give me all the things I’ve ever missed
I’ve never felt like this
I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive

I used to think I was living
Baby, I
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