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the rolling stones - carol - enhanced sound

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Added: 11 months ago
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The Rolling Stones lip sync "Carol" on French tv - October 19, 1964. Oh boy, camera men in those days really knew how to mess up a performance... missing almost every solo Keith was playing, missing Mick singing the lines; taking the wrong shot about every ten seconds. In Holland there’s a saying: doing it the French way, which means: doing things messy... Anyway, this should be played LOUD. Oh, by the way, watch Bill Wyman: he has a six string guitar (six knobs) and at 0.35 it looks as if they changed it into a four string "bass". (Their own equipment hadn’t arrived in time so they had to use these borrowed guitars made by Klira. a German make. (Thank you dickirish1.)

Recorded on January 3, 1964, released in the UK on the album "The Rolling Stones" and in the US on "England’s Newest Hit Makers" in 1964.

Rhythm electric guitar: Brian Jones. Vocal: Mick Jagger. Electric lead guitar: Keith Richards. Bass: Bill Wyman. Drums:
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