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brian jones & the beatles - baby you’re a rich man - stereo edit

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Added: 10 months ago
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brian jones on oboe. edit for headphones. source file is from the album "magical mystery tour" (2009 stereo remaster). b-side of "all you need is love". I like this b-side much better than that simple, ordinary tune; but that may have something to do with mr. jones. there’s a lot of discussion on whether it was brian on oboe or lennon on a clavioline (early kind of synthesizer). I think it is a typical oboe sound and the typical fast things one can do with that thing. to produce that fast way of playing on a clavioline demands speeding up the recording, but, as this song was recorded in one day in a different studio than the beatles regular abbey road studios (it was recorded in the rolling stones’ olympic studios) that is simply out of the question. it is more the opinion of people that don’t WANT Brian Jones playing the most important part. I think.

(Paul McCartney - John Lennon)

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