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the kinks - days - stereo edit

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edit for headphones. source file is from the album "are the village green preservation society" (2004 special deluxe 3 cd edition)(cd 1 song # 17).

Jim Beviglia wrote: (...) No experience is as familiar or emotional as bidding farewell to someone you love, which may be why “Days,” a 1968 single by The Kinks that only reached #12 on the U.K. pop charts and didn’t even make the charts in the U.S., is so eternally resonant. Ray Davies’ wistful musings in the song work whether a friend is moving away, a romantic relationship has run its course, or a beloved person has passed away.

Davies himself understands the almost supernatural power the song possesses, confessing in a YouTube clip promoting his 2010 album See My Friends that even he didn’t anticipate what “Days” would eventually mean to people. “The song has grown in intensity over the years,” he said. “I didn’t think much about the song when I wrote it. Sometimes songs occur like that. You don’t
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