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the rolling stones - crackin’ up - enhanced sound

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From the bootleg album "Genuine Black Box" by Scorpio.

First recorded live on BBC radio, London, England, on July 17, 1964, never released. Recorded live again on March 4, 1977 in Toronto, Canada, and released on the album "Love You Live" in September of 1977.

(Ellas McDaniel)(Original performer: Bo Diddley in 1958)

You’re always hollerin’ bout where I’ve been
You’re always screamin’ bout the money I spend
What’s wrong with you, oh yeah
You’re crackin up

I caught you, woman, a long time ago
Keep your hand out of my pocket keep your foot out my
That wrong with you, oh yeah,
You’re crackin up

I used to do your cookin’, your laundry too
Now what more for a woman could a man like me do
I feel, oh yeah
You’re bugging me

Crackin’ up

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