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eagles - hotel california - stereo edit 2 - stay awake version

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Added: 10 months ago
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edit for headphones: a strong bass & some severe guitars for the ones on a night shift... to stay awake...
"Hotel California" from the album "Hotel California", released as a single in februari 1977. Wow, that’s over 37 years ago.
Guitar solo’s by Don Felder and Joe Walsh. Written by Don Felder (music), Don Henley, and Glenn Frey (lyrics).

Don Henley: lead vocals, drums, backing vocals.
Glenn Frey: 12-string acoustic guitar, backing vocals.
Don Felder: doubleneck 12-string/6-string electric guitar, backing vocals.
Joe Walsh: electric guitar, backing vocals.
Randy Meisner: bass, backing vocals.

In 2014 # 1 in the Dutch Top 2000. Wow, after so many years, that is something!

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