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johnny winter - good morning little school girl - stereo edit

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Added: 9 months ago
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edit for headphones. source file is from the 1969 - second studio - album "johnny winter" (2004 expanded & remastered edition).

Johnny Winter - lead guitar, slide guitar, harmonica, vocals
Uncle John Turner - percussion
Tommy Shannon - bass
Edgar Winter - alto saxophone on "Good Morning Little School Girl"
Karl Garin - trumpet on "Good Morning Little School Girl"
A. Wynn Butler - tenor saxophone on "Good Morning Little School Girl"

Producer: Johnny Winter
Production consultant: Eddie Kramer
Production assistance: Marvin Devonish
Spiritual producer: Steve Paul

(Sonny Boy Williamson I)

Good morning little schoolgirl
Good morning little schoolgirl
Can I go home with, can I go home with you?
I’ll tell your mother and your father
I’m a little schoolboy too

Gonna buy me an airplane
Gonna buy me an airplane
Gonna fly all over, gonna fly all over town
All over town, baby

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