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johnny winter - mean town blues - stereo edit

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Added: 9 months ago
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edit for headphones. source file is from the album "the progressive blues experiment" (2005 remaster). it is Johnny Winter’s debut album. it was originally issued on austin’s sonobeat records label in 1968. when Winter signed to Columbia Records, the rights were sold to imperial records who reissued the album in 1969. the album was recorded in 1967 at the vulcan gas company, austin, texas. rhythm and solo guitar was just a bit too much at the outter right, I changed that.

johnny winter: guitars (acoustic, electric and slide), harmonica, mandolin, vocals
uncle john (red) turner: drums, percussion
tommy shannon: bass guitar

mean town blues
(johnny winter)

well my mother she done told me and father done told me
my father told me too, yeah my mother she done told me and father done told me, my father told me too
it’s a mean old town to live in by yourself

yeah, I work for a dollar couldn not save a lousy
man couldn’t save a dime
you know
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