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johnny winter - I love everybody - stereo edit

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Added: 9 months ago
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Edit for headphones. Source file is from the 1969 album "Second Winter" (2004 remastered legacy edition). Just to change the ’not that good’ channel changes of the guitar solos and to give a little boost here and there. The album was released as a "three-sided" LP, with a blank fourth side on the original vinyl. The legacy edition has an April 17, 1970 live recording at the Royal Albert Hall London on cd 2. Cd 1 has the lps and two previously unreleased bonus songs.

Personnel on the album:

Johnny Winter: guitar, mandolin, vocals
Edgar Winter: keyboards, alto saxophone, vocals
Uncle John Turner: percussion
Tommy Shannon: bass
Dennis Collins: bass

(Johnny Winter)

well, I’m going to the city
just to see what I can find
got to get me somebody
I got the same thing on my mind
got the same thing on my mind
oh yeah, I do

I ain’t tired, no I ain’t hungry
but I’m horny as I can be
been a long time
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