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crosby, stills, nash & young - almost cut my hair (long version) - edit

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Added: 9 months ago
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David Crosby recorded this track with the last remaining moments of studio time that the band had remaining, and while he was still reeling from the death of Christine Hinton days earlier in a car accident. She had been his girlfriend, and he was obviously still grieving. The pain in his normally smooth voice reflects a cracked and angry quality, belied by the light-hearted directive he makes at the start of the recording. If you listen to it, he starts, then stops, and comments as to the pace and gain of the recording, then the song starts again. According to the story as told by Crosby on the air with Bob Coburn of KLOS in the late 1990s, the recording is the only take that was done.

edit for headphones, to make it somewhat sharper, shinier, heavier. from the 1991 compilation album "carry on".

Greg Reeves: bass, percussion
Dallas Taylor: drums, percussion
David Crosby: guitar, vocals
Graham Nash: guitar, vocals, keyboards
Stephen Stills: guitar, vocals, bass, keyb
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