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crosby, stills, nash & young - helpless - stereo edit

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edit for headphones, just to enjoy it more intensely, well, supposed to... the song was an early 1969 neil young & crazy horse song, but csn&y decided to release it on their 1970 album "déjà vu". this is an edit from the one of the album "carry on". my wife hates its wailing, I love my wife.

about the town in the first verse Neil Young said: "Well, it’s not literally a specific town so much as a feeling. Actually, it’s a couple of towns. Omemee, Ontario, is one of them. It’s where I first went to school and spent my ’formative’ years. Actually I was born in Toronto..."

More so than any other song, "Helpless" touches on Young’s earliest childhood memories. Young came down with polio by age six, prompting his parents to spend a year in Florida hoping the warmer weather would speed his cure. Ten years after this came the Young’s divorce, from which Neil stayed with his mother while his father
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