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david mcwilliams - can I get there by candlelight - stereo edit

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Added: 8 months ago
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edit for headphones. Video is taken in Cornwall, on our way to the lovely lady and knight Joyce and Tony Robson & their delicous, copious English high tea treat. Thanks again, you beloved well known opera diva family in your beautiful garden! The single was released October 6, 1969, in some countries in 1968. The song was a big hit in various countries (Holland #14, Belgium #10, Germany, France, Italy), but it is hard to find specific information. Any help or tips where to find decent international charts sites are very welcome. David was a singer/songwriter from Northern Ireland, born in Belfast, moved to Ballymena, birthplace of Ian Paisley and Liam Neeson.

Again an orchestra at outter right. I changed it and boosted the bass, cause I like boosting basses! I heard a vinyl rip that was far better than the official cd release. This edit is, well, decide for yourself.

(David McWilliams)

this is the way to the rolling drums
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