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G⊕d Bレεšš Amεrïςα [9/11/16 Trïßu†ε]

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Added: 7 months ago
Runtime: 03:49
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Amεrïςαηš ωïレレ ηε∀εr ƒ⊕rgε† ωhεrε †hεψ ωεrε ωhεη †hεψ hεαrd †hε ηεωš ⊕ƒ †hε Sεp†εmßεr 11, 2001 †εrr⊕r ᆆαςκš. Wε'レレ ηε∀εr ƒ⊕rgε† ωhα† ï† ωαš レïκε †⊕ ωα†ςh †hε †εrrïßレε ε∀εη†š ⊕ƒ †hα† dαψ uηƒ⊕レd ßεƒ⊕rε ⊕ur εψεš. H⊕pεƒuレレψ, ωε ωïレレ αレš⊕ ηε∀εr ƒ⊕rgε† h⊕ω α ηα†ï⊕η ßαηdεd †⊕gε†hεr †⊕ grïε∀ε, hεαレ, αηd rεßuïレd. Iη レ⊕∀ïηg mεm⊕rψ ⊕ƒ †ruε hεr⊕εš.
G⊕d Bレεšš Amεrïςα ßψ J⊕zï Bεη†レψ