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van morrison & them - mystic eyes - stereo edit

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Added: 6 months ago
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edit for headphones. Source file of this (quite peculiar) stereo version is from the album "The British Invasion - The History of British Rock Vol. 6" which is of better quality than the official stereo release on the double album "The Story Of Them Featuring Van Morrison" (1997). Mystic Eyes appeared (mono) in June 1965 on Them’s first album "The Angry Young Them" - in the US released as "Them" (with different tracks). The single charted at # 33 in the US (it didn’t in the UK). The song was recorded at the Regent Sound, a mono studio in Denmark Street in London England; hence the quality of the stereo release: just some percussion added to the left channel and an attempt to get the bass at the left. I tried to get it fixed "my way", took quite some evenings. The song was a ten minute take, spontaneously recorded in one go; to get it fit into a single the beginning and the end were cut out.

Album personnel: Van Morrison
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