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them - turn on your love light - mono edit

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Added: 6 months ago
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edit for headphones. Another song from the 1966 album "Them Again". Bobby Bland’s big # 2 US billboard r&b chart hit in 1961. In 1964 Van Morrison & Them often performed their cover. A fan’s recording of one of these performances brought Them to the attention of Dick Rowe and led to a recording contract with Decca Records.

(Joe (Joseph) Scott/Don Robey aka Deadric Malone)

Got a woman, broke my heart
Took it darlin’, tore it apart
You left me sitting by the fire cryin’
You said your love for me was dyin’

And I’m beggin’ you baby
Baby please
I’m beggin’ you baby
I’m down on my knees

Turn on your light
Let it shine on me
Turn on your love light
Let it shine on me
shine it shine, shine, shine
Let it shine

Now I want to know
I gotta know baby
Feel alright
Feel alright
And I aaa ooo feel alright

Feel a little lonely, in the middle of the night
I need you d
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