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van morrison & them - call my name - mono edit

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Added: 6 months ago
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edit for headphones. Another song from the 1966 album "Them Again".
In the early sixties "Them" was Ronnie Milling (drums), Billy (born William) Harrison (guitar and lead vocals), Alan Henderson (bass) and Eric Wrixon, piano and keyboard. Morrison joined in on tenor saxophone, harmonica and vocals. The group named themselves after the 1954 American black-and-white science fiction monster film "Them".

(Tommy Scott)

when this old world has let you down
and friends no longer want you around
when you feel burdened down with care
and troubles seem so hard to bear

call my name hear me talkin’ to ya baby
call my name, yeah-hey-yeah, call my name
whoa oh oh oh oh oh
and I’ll be there

when everything that you try has failed
and you never even get no mail
when life to you seems such a bore
and blues come calling ’round your door

call my name, hear me talkin’ to ya baby
call my name, yeah-yeah-yeah, call
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