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tim hardin - simple song of freedom - stereo edit

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edit for headphones. Bobby Darin wrote this song for Tim Hardin, a ’repay’, as Hardin had written Darin’s big hit "If I were a carpenter". Recorded in 1969 James Timothy Hardin had a # 19 hit with it in hurray for Holland and a # 50 hit in the US. Well, to me this isn’t just a simple song, it is a masterpiece: the peculiar bass, the overwhelming steel guitar (should have been continued till the end), the excellent backing ladies & the laid back and yet ’voracious’ vocals of Tim Hardin. Darin died at the age of 37 after a heart surgery, Hardin died of a heroin overdose at the age of 39. Don’t use drugs, the minute you you start to, the minute your brains’ switch is turned. Be warned.

(Bobby Darin, born Walden Robert Cassotto)

Come and sing a simple song of freedom
Sing it like you’ve never sung before
Let it fill the air
Tell the people everywhere
We, the people here, don’t want a
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