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the rolling stones - let’s spend the night together (instr) - stereo edit

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Added: 6 months ago
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Edit for headphones. This is Yellow Dog’s "The Black Box" (millenium edition*) cd 2 track 2 "Let’s Spend The Night Together [take Ia]" combined with a bass track edit of "Flowers" (Japanese mini lp remastered). Notice how the bridge parts is piano and organ only. After the bridge Brian Jones’ organ stirs up the rest of the song, creating a kind of weekeeend! saturday night feeling, together with the extra Charlie Watts cymbals. Listening to this instrumental track one can only conclude that Mick Jagger and his henchmen sure know how take a song to a high level with their vocals. Pure white soul that is.

For who wants to hear their voices: https://youtu.be/BszJ0heJWsg
For who wants to sing along and discover the vocals are the most difficult part:


My, My, My, My
Don’t you worry ’bout what’s on your mind (Oh my)
I’m in no hurry I can take my time (Oh my
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