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the rolling stones - yesterday’s papers - instr. studio take - stereo edit "long version"

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Added: 3 years ago
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Edit of a "Yesterday’s Papers" studio take, from the bootleg "Black Box" cd #2.
To enjoy the guitar part a bit more I repeated the ’solo’ several times (changed it from one into four solo’s), and added an edit of the solo at the end. No sounds were added, it’s the Stones only.

Recorded August 3 - 11, 1966, released on "Between the Buttons" in February of 1967.
Harpsichord, marimbas, bells, vocal sample: Brian Jones. Vocal harmonies: Brian Jones, Keith Richards & Bill Wyman. Lead vocal: Mick Jagger. Electric guitar: Keith Richards. Bass, vocal sample: Bill Wyman. Drums: Charlie Watts.


Who wants yesterdays papers
Who wants yesterdays girl
Who wants yesterdays papers
Nobody in the world

After this time I finally learned
After the pain and hurt
After all this what have I achieved
I’ve realized it’s time to leave

Cause who wants yesterdays
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