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the rolling stones - lady jane - "got live" version - stereo edit

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Added: 3 years ago
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Stereo edit, for headphones. The song is from the album "Got live if you want it!".
The song on this live album has the band at the left, Mick between middle and right, audience at the right. I changed that. Enjoy.

Lady Jane is from the awesome album "Aftermath", the best Stones album ever, with Brian Jones at his musical peak.

Recorded March 6 - 9, 1966. Released on "Aftermath" in 1966.

Dulcimer: Brian Jones. Harpsichord: Brian Jones. Acoustic guitars: Brian Jones & Keith Richards. Vocal: Mick Jagger. Bass: Bill Wyman. Drums: Charlie Watts.


My sweet Lady Jane
When I see you again
Your servant am I
And will humbly remain

Just heed this plea my love
On bended knees my love
I pledge myself to Lady Jane

My dear Lady Anne
I’ve done what I can
I must take my leave
For promised I am
This play is run my love
Your time has come my love
I’ve pledged my troth to Lady Jane
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