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♪ solo un gentile diversivo ♪
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Iт'ѕ тнε gαмε σƒ lιƒε. Ðσ I ωιи σя dσ I lσѕε? Oиε dαч тнεч'яε gσииα ѕнυт тнε gαмε dσωи. I gσттα нανε αѕ мυcн ƒυи αиd gσ αяσυиd тнε вσαяd αѕ мαич тιмεѕ αѕ I cαи вεƒσяε ιт'ѕ мч тυяи тσ lεανε ~ Tυραc Sнαкυя

[last lines] Doug MacRay: No matter how much you change, you still have to pay the price for the things you've done. So I got a long road. But I know I'll see you again - this side or the other [THE TOWN, 2010]

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Are yoυ вeιɴɢ α ɢood вoι, Jeαɴ-Pιerre?
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Êtes-vous d'être un bon garçon, Jean-Pierre?
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And this is my kinda love It's the kind that moves on It's the kind that leaves me alone - Andy Wood
About Me
♡ Not really sorry, but ~ at times ~ background takes PRECEDENCE. Actually, it's all about the background ~~~ isn't it? Plus, the whole notion of trading wall comments is a bit pretentious ~~~ don't ya' think?

♡ Little known fact about me: I was one of the original members of Van Halen, but I was kicked out of the band and replaced by David Lee Roth. For me, it was a tumultuous time and the result of me and Eddie fighting valiantly for the affection of Valerie Bertinelli. ha! ;p

♡ And that concept of finding a true moment of epiphany? ~~~ no doubt inspired by serendipity ~~~ one, it's highly overrated and, two, it doesn't exist. But, anyway, thanks for the effort. ;)
 United States
Northwest of beautiful Boston or thereabouts
my senior thesis; what this place means to me ~~~ titled solo un gentile diversivo
MΩB ΩUTLAW producing candy cane aphrodisiacs and euphoriants for local distribution. Send business inquiries to the North Pole.
In love with the doppelganger of Moran Atias ~ her backside smells of lovely Jasmine cocoa butter ;p
Favorite Movies & Shows
The only current television show that has my fealty is ANIMAL KINGDOM ~~~ the TNT SoCal ride revolves around the Cody family. Don't know who my favorite character is ~~~ Probably, J and his ominous "I'll take everything" promise he whispered into Smurf's ear. Congrats on Season 5 [May 2020].
Favorite Music
And CONGRATS to Mayans MC for getting a season 3 renewal ~~~ now two questions remain; why did Taza kill Riz and where did Walt bury all those bodies. ha! ;p